An efficient waste management system?

You produce, assemble or process. The more complex your activities, the more waste this will generate. You receive, collect, separate, reuse and dispose. But are you compliant with all laws and regulations? How do you register this? Are you doing this in the most efficient and sustainable way? Can you save costs while doing it?

Many companies regain insufficient return from their waste.

We see that a lot has been arranged at enterprises but that – literally and figuratively – a lot remains unanswered. Greenwaste helps to organise the entire waste process. As a result, you achieve the maximum return from the waste generated.

Control your waste:

  • Save through independent and smart choices of suppliers
  • Unburdening with mandatory registrations, continuous monitoring and adjustment
  • Monitoring and meeting government and industry targets
  • More sustainable throug innovative solutions and limitation of transport
  • Insight through clear periodic reports

An efficient waste management system.

We take over the entire management of the waste process. Fully compliant with legislation and regulations, with one point of contact, one invoice and a complete waste-environmental annual report.

Scan waste streams.

through making a detailed inventory (on side) of your current waste streams


by means of our pragmatic approach according to a fixed protocol


with continuous monitoring your own dashboard with clear reports